Wednesday, March 1, 2017

People are really going overboard with things....

I enjoy paranormal/cryptozoology topics and read Mysterious Universe quite often. I was flipping through articles on Flip Board and came across an article titled "Man shares photos and videos of alleged paranormal encounters". This seemed like just the kind of thing I enjoy reading about. Most of the article was the typical "ghost encounter" article until a line made me pause. The line in reference reads "Brandon is not a ghost hunter or a medium -- he thinks of himself more as a "civil rights activist" for ghosts". Civil rights activist for ghosts? Seriously?! Now, I am all for equal rights and civil rights but for ghosts?! The existence of ghosts is still unproven. Many people believe in ghosts but those same people believe they are the spirits of dead people. How can someone who is dead have civil rights?

Another area that has me scratching my head in confusion... Trans-species. I've seen various articles and editorials about people who identify as animals like this one from Vice. I can understand Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Questioning, Asexual, Pansexual, Intersex (that's a hermaphrodite for the people who were like me and were confused by intersex), Kink and other sexual orientations. But trans-species? I'm sorry to break your bubble but as much as you may want to be something other than a human, you aren't. You were born a human and short of some mad scientist putting your brain in the body of an animal you will remain a human. Unless you are a Skin-walker of course. People who identify as trans-species are a good example of why people viewed the LGBT community as having a mental disorder called dysphoria. Thankfully for the LGBT community we have become more civilized and no longer tell people it's wrong to be attracted to someone in a way that does not conform to the long held image of what people considered a pure relationship (male and female).

Now for another area I really do not understand. Segregation. Everyone knows when we had segregation in the US it was wrong. Our actions towards minority races were nothing short of heinous. You would think people would be doing everything they could to unite and prevent segregation, racism, and everything of the sort. Not so at the University of Michigan. Students at the University of Michigan are demanding segregation. Crazy right? Apparently they think segregation is a good idea now. Because white people cannot help in the cause for People of Color (as they identify themselves in the group advocating for the segregation) to have equal rights? What if Bernie Sanders was not allowed to fight for equal rights in Selma? Clearly Bernie Sanders has a long history of standing up for civil rights. Where did we go wrong that people are now demanding segregation? Are we destined to go back and hold prejudice against people merely for the color of their skin? Like my last post, I think people should be judged by their personal actions and not by some other metric.

On to another crazy area.... People being so upset about their chosen candidate losing an election. Before I proceed let me be clear, I don't like Donald Trump. He is a terrible public speaker and a narcissist. Some of the things he says and does leaves a dumbfounded look on my face. I mean, seriously. How many times can someone say they have the best words? That being said, what happened to society that people now need support to cope with someone being elected? Very little will change in a persons daily life no matter who is in the office of President. I was even told he would try to deport African Americans. Trump cannot deport a US citizen who has done nothing wrong. He just can't. If people stopped whining and complaining they could probably work in a bi-partisan way to accomplish goals that would benefit everyone. Too long have we been becoming more polarized in our views and political parties. We rarely have politicians working together anymore. More often than not we have politicians who are unwilling to concede anything. As a population we seem to be following suit. Instead of the politicians working for the people it seems the people are working for the politicians. How do we change politics to once again work for the people? I have no idea. I hope Trump will put us back on track because the idea of us continuing down the road we have been traveling is frightening. I often wonder, what would our Founding Father's think of the state of America?
Side note... I don't blame Trump for people using racial slurs or being racist. People were already racist. Trump is just the excuse people are using to justify their racism. I don't think Trump is racist because is 1986 Trump received the Ellis Island award and in 1999 Jesse Jackson praised Trump for for LIFETIME of helping the African American Community. I cannot say if Trump is racist again the Latin community. We have all heard his comments concerning Mexicans coming to the US. Again, another reason I am not a fan of Donald Trump was his comments. I'm through with my political rant for now. 

So all that being said, people need to get a grip on reality. Stop overreacting about things and quit getting extreme. At some point we need to tell people to grow up and that certain things are crazy. Like trans-species... *insert head shake here* People need to learn they cannot always have what they want. No matter how bad they may want something. That's all part of being an adult. All we can do is make the best of our life and try to make the world better for our children than it was for us.

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