Friday, March 10, 2017

Orphans, Gay marriage and adoption

I really do not understand the apprehension people have with Gay marriage. I get the idea religious people feel Gay marriage removes the idea of "sanctity" of marriage. But divorce and adultery already removed the sanctity that was a pure marriage. We have come so far in America but some people still do not want certain people to be married. It was not that long ago that interracial marriage was illegal (Loving v. Virginia). Some people still think there should not be interracial relationships but by and large, people now accept interracial relationships.

I support Gay marriage and homosexual relationships. I mean, who are we to say whom a person is allowed to love? I don't personally want to be involved in a relationship with another man, but I will not stand in the way of a relationship between two people who are willingly in a relationship together. Or more than two people if that's what makes them happy. Besides, why should we prevent someone from being as unhappy (but preferably happy) as anyone else? Let them get married and receive tax benefits. Let them grow old together and sit on their front porch complaining about the youth of the day in their old age. In fact, there was a beautiful movie called Cloudburst about two elderly lesbians who escape their nursing home to get married in Canada. Beautiful movie. I recommend it for everyone who loves sappy movies.

How are homosexual couples harming anyone by being married? As I said before, divorce and adultery already removed any sanctity that a marriage once held. Are people afraid a Gay person will corrupt someone and lead them to think it is OK to be Gay? Oh no! So terrible! In fact there have been quite a few LGBT people who could be considered excellent role models. Whom a person is sexually attracted to does not make them good or bad role models. Look at Hitler. He was straight and one of the worst possible roll models out there.

Now to orphans and children in foster care. In 2015 there were 427,910 children in foster care as of 30 September 2015. That is a lot of children. Those numbers break my heart. The average age of a child in foster care is 7.5 years old. Personally, I am pro life but I am more pro-care. Let me explain. I don't think it is right to end a child's life before it has a chance to live its life. But it is equally abhorrent to allow children to live without a caring home. We are not caring for children already born. I'm glad foster care exists but foster care is still less than ideal.

Now, LGBT couples obviously cannot conceive in the traditional sense. Two biological men cannot have a child without the assistance from an outside source. With so many children in foster care, why not allow and encourage LGBT couples from adopting children? Is their homosexuality so terrible we should not allow children a chance to know love in their home? According to Gallup there are approximately 486,000 same sex married couples in the US. If every same sex married couple adopted a child there would be no more children in foster care. Again, would that be so bad? And those statistics are not even including heterosexual married couples unable to have children.

Think about things for a moment. Who cares what two grown adults do in the privacy on their own bedroom (sexually). It is nobody's business but their own as long as they are consenting adults. Nobody wants to be told they cannot do something that brings no harm to anyone. And we seriously need to figure out how to help the children living now who grow up and (often times) have no loving home or family. As much as I (and many other people) dislike abortion, it is not going anywhere. Least of all while we still have an issue with children in foster care. Lets allow LGBT couples to adopt children and encourage their adoption. I will thank LGBT people for caring for children when they would not have known a loving home otherwise.

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